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Free space for ideas

interligent kommunizieren.
Tailored software solutions for managing projects and companies.

The daily requirements of companies with regard to strategic development, transparency and employee management are growing continuously.

Our comprehensive understanding of modern corporate governance results from of a large number of projects with globally active customers and target groups over the past decades.

Today our highly individualized software products offer solution for topics like project management, KPI analysis, employees control and process control.

interligent kommunizieren
Free space for ideas

Short profile.

  • Founded: January 2000
  • Structure: More than 35 employees at 3 locations worldwide
  • Certification: ISO 27001
  • Focus: Tailored software solutions for managing projects and companies
interligent kommunizieren
Free space for ideas

Core competencies.

We are characterized by the fact that we combine our extensive technical knowledge with broad industry expertise and many years of experience.

We are experts in market mechanisms and daily routine in modern companies. This enables us to identify problem areas and establish fast solutions that make complex scenarios tangible and understandable.

interligent kommunizieren
Free space for ideas

Working methods.

Partnership and forward-thinking are the most important corporate values ​​for us, and we consider direct communication to be important.

Innovative solutions in an attractive, adaptable and intelligent design are an integral part of our software solutions.

We develop to your demands.

Our products

iknow. One platform, six products.

The entire interligent product family is based on our established and future-oriented software platform.
As a result, all products are compatible with each other and can be modularly expanded at any time in order to react quickly to new requirements and market developments.

We offer solutions for the following topics:

Auditing environment
Project steering
KPI steering
Salesteam steering
Personnel development
Building a brand



Auditing environment.

iknow.audit is aimed at companies that want to document and analyze compliance with standards.

  • Implementation of standards
  • Control of activities per site and auditor
  • Automatic reporting of the current status
  • Discovery of vulnerabilities


Project steering.

iknow.project is aimed at companies that want to effectively manage projects and measure lasting changes in a project.

  • Multi-client capable (several projects can be controlled in parallel)
  • Control and manage activities and tasks
  • Automatic project reporting
  • Capacity planning


KPI steering.

iknow.cockpit is aimed at companies that want to track key performance and process developments and to counteract problem areas arising at an early stage.

  • Tracking of key figures and their developments (kpi monitor)
  • Early warning function when drastic changes of key figures and processes are detected
  • Control and management of activities and tasks


Salesteam steering.

iknow.task is aimed at companies that want to coordinate their sales activities and discover potential.

  • Deposit of individual goals per employee
  • Determine potential and compare set goals
  • Control and manage activities and tasks

Personnel development. is aimed at companies that want to professionalize their HR management.

  • Employee surveys
  • Targeted employee development according to your requirement profiles
  • Quantitative and qualitative personnel requirements planning
  • Turnover and age structure analysis with action planning for employee retention
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date reporting
  • Simple administration and individual adaptation options


Building a brand.

iknow.brand is aimed at companies that want to analyze the perception of their brand or aspects of their daily work and the impact on the different target groups.

  • Reflection on effect of the appearance
  • Measuring the success of marketing activities
  • Control of branding
interligent kommunizieren

Get in contact

Bad Soden, Germany

interligent kommunizieren GmbH
Königsteiner Straße 39
D-65812 Bad Soden am Taunus
+49 (0) 61 96 / 84 85 00

Danzig, Polen

New Jersey, USA

interligent kommunizieren


  • You enjoy working in an appealing and exciting environment with diverse (development) opportunities?
  • You appreciate flat hierarchies and "open-door-policy"?
  • You work independently, reliably and result-oriented?
  • You offer solution-oriented thinking, analytical skills and conceptual understanding?

Then be part of the team now!
For our location Bad Soden we are looking for:

interligent kommunizieren


PHP developer (m/w/d)

Does your profile look like this?

  • Very good knowledge of ZEND Framework, preferably Expressive 3
  • Good knowledge of Doctrine
  • Good knowledge of Domain Driven Design as software architecture
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript and source control (git)

Then we should get to know each other! If you have any further questions, our recruiting team is at your disposal .
Please send us your meaningful application by email or by post


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interligent kommunizieren GmbH
Königsteiner Straße 39
D-65812 Bad Soden am Taunus

tel.: +49 (0) 6196 - 84 85 00
fax: +49 (0) 6196 - 53 31 92

Executive Partner:
Marc Rosenberg

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interligent kommunizieren

No presents - but donations!

This "special" year, we would like to think of needy people and therefore, we will support three areas we particularly care about with our Christmas donation:
Education, health and family
With that in mind, we have selected three different charity organizations:

Kinder Kenias e.V.
Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.

interligent kommunizieren

No presents - but donations!

Kinder Kenias e.V.

The purpose of this young charity is to give Kenyan chilren the possibility to go to school.

By the support of education, the children will be enabled to provide for their (future) families and therefore, to enhance their personal life situation and also to treat our planet Earth with care.

To achieve this, Kinder Kenia e.V. will provide school sponsorships for children and offer financial support where applicable. This can also be done by buying essential groceries. The costs of adminstrations are covered privately.

Due to the Corona crisis, the setup of school sponsorships has not been started yet as the schools are closed since March 2020. Because of the lockdown caused by Corona, many people in Kenia and other developing regions didn´t have the possibility to earn money or to provide their families with foods. As well as that, the guaranteed meal in schools was not available anymore.

With our corporate donation, we support the organization in operating a new mobile soup kitchen.
Within the villages Shanzu and Majaoni, up to 90 children will be provided with a lunch and also adults - struggeling due the current situation - will obviously get a meal.


interligent kommunizieren

No presents - but donations!

Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.

Ärzte ohne Grenzen provide medical emergency aid for people in need due to (civil-)wars or natural disasters in around 70 countries worldwide. We would like to support this activity with our donation.

Ärzte ohne Grenzen aims to react fast and in a professional way on acute medical needs of the population. As demands differ depending on the context, Ärzte ohne Grenzen gathers information about the nature and the extent of the needed support previous to any operation.

On the basis of clear terms, those responisble decide if and when an emergency intervention will take place. For example, some of these indicators are the mortality rate, the quantity of diseases or the amount of malnourished children.


interligent kommunizieren

No presents - but donations!

SOS-Kinderdörfer: Family support „Dairy cow“

Poverty threatens the life of a lot of children: The effects are malnutrition, diseases, lack of education opportunities – and often even the loss of the family. To prevent this, SOS-Kinderdörfer supports destitute families worldwide. The SOS-Familienhilfe assists parents to make their way out of poverty so that they can provide for their children by themselves.

With our donation for the SOS-Familienhilfe we would like to make a contribution so that families will have better future perspectives. A dairy cow can change the life of a farmers family significantly.
With a cow, the livelihood of a family will be solidified. It supports the family in starting up a small business as dairy farmers and breeders. The milk is not only important for the children´s nutrition but also enables the families to earn a little income. By the so-called ´Revolving Livestock Breeding System´, the support also contributes to the development of families in the neighborhood:
Female cattle will be passed on to needy families.